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Published on 05/24/2020
Downloaded 36 time(s)
zTrace is based on the same principle as the TRACE function of WINDEV. Asynchronous operation allows you to continue to manipulate the trace window even when using breakpoints. The DLL is written in...
 / Tools
Published on 05/23/2020
Downloaded 70 time(s)
Aula sobre Hfsql classic e client server
 / Entertainment
Published on 05/22/2020
Downloaded 49 time(s)
This is the transposition into WL of a demo posted in 2014 on the codeproject site https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/763207/T-Rex-animation The principle is the same as that used for the SplashScr...
 / Graphics
Updated on 05/18/2020
Downloaded 137 time(s)
9 different examples that will take your breath away! (use of animated .png files with GDImage).
 / Tools
Published on 05/17/2020
Downloaded 111 time(s)
Exemplos de Multi Threads com Semáforos Síncrono e Assíncrono
 / Productivity
Updated on 05/17/2020
Downloaded 282 time(s)
ChangeDate is a utility to change the date and / or time of a set of files Several options for editing or copying dates are available (google trad)
 / Tools
Published on 05/16/2020
Downloaded 45 time(s)
Exemplo WINDEV with Sybase
 / Tools
Updated on 05/16/2020
Downloaded 51 time(s)
Aula 01 Referente ao vídeo Caminho das Pedras
 / Tools
Updated on 05/15/2020
Downloaded 352 time(s)
Component allowing you to easily configure UPnP port forwarding on an Internet Box or a router from your applications with an option to automatically close open ports when the application is closed. ...
 / Tools
Published on 05/14/2020
Downloaded 38 time(s)
Classe OOP que Assina Xml com Certificado Digital