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 / Education
Published on 01/06/2016
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   The best way to learn to use a Visual development tool is to see step by step how things are done (you will have over 1.400 screenshots to see how to do, step by step (no hurry)) • This book is ba...
 / Finance
Published on 08/03/2015
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We are looking for a distributor of our Wealthmanagement Software 'VisualAdvise' in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and/or Spain written in WINDEV. It has unmatched functionality at a competitive price! T...
Free Software bilingual English / French My Movies Videos can also be used on a professional level. Seller expressed its customers movies it offers through a database. The customer, through the datab...
 / Tools
Published on 12/12/2014
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Classe Facebook
Published on 12/07/2014
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A poker game made with WINDEV just for Ifun There is nothing in the zip, it was too long to load the archive, use the URL to download it. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=675a914a0702feaf&id=675A914A0...
 / Tools
Updated on 12/01/2014
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The EZFGP component can use a wide range of fingerprint readers, based on the UPEK engine. There are a lot of firms using it, as EIKON, ACS, ROYAL, etc... You will be able to easily scan, compare, dig...
Updated on 11/27/2014
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Produces a cross reference of the fields in an analysis with a list of all fields, the field information, the files the fields are used in and the files the fields are not used in
Hi, With this small project is possible to retrieve your PUBLIC IP (from parsing to http://www.ip-adress.com) and others infos: PUBLIC IP PRIVATE IP YOUR ISP IP LOCATION YOUR MAC ADDRESS INTERNE...
Linked resources: - WX Project (WD/WB/WM - V19) to download (.zip) - Presentation and explications to download (.pdf) - Live presentation and explication (streaming video showcasing the framework at ...
 / Productivity
Published on 10/17/2014
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I took the deposit which had been written by Cyril M and updated by adding function as writing on the cards. developed version 18 I purposely let the raw code with test phases in comments. Do not hesi...