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Published on 12/07/2014
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A poker game made with WINDEV just for Ifun There is nothing in the zip, it was too long to load the archive, use the URL to download it. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=675a914a0702feaf&id=675A914A0...
 / Productivity
Updated on 12/01/2014
Downloaded 646 time(s)
The EZFGP component can use a wide range of fingerprint readers, based on the UPEK engine. There are a lot of firms using it, as EIKON, ACS, ROYAL, etc... You will be able to easily scan, compare, dig...
 / Tools
Updated on 11/27/2014
Downloaded 132 time(s)
Produces a cross reference of the fields in an analysis with a list of all fields, the field information, the files the fields are used in and the files the fields are not used in
Updated on 11/18/2014
Downloaded 1,257 time(s)
Hi, With this small project is possible to retrieve your PUBLIC IP (from parsing to http://www.ip-adress.com) and others infos: PUBLIC IP PRIVATE IP YOUR ISP IP LOCATION YOUR MAC ADDRESS INTERNE...
 / Tools
Published on 10/17/2014
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I took the deposit which had been written by Cyril M and updated by adding function as writing on the cards. developed version 18 I purposely let the raw code with test phases in comments. Do not hesi...
 / Tools
Updated on 09/05/2014
Downloaded 1,606 time(s)
This component allows to easily integrate and use the SmartCards ACOS3/3X/NFC with fingerprint management in your software (minimum WD14). • Choice of the reader (contact and/or NFC) • Connection / D...
 / Tools
Published on 06/20/2014
Downloaded 458 time(s)
This component has been created in order to allow a COMPATIBLE encryption between WINDEV, WEBDEV, and WINDEV Mobile. You will be able to transfer encrypted data between the software you had created. R...
 / Communication
Updated on 05/27/2014
Downloaded 519 time(s)
Until WEBDEV 17 was released, WEBDEV PHP only worked with ISO-8859-1 based languages (such as French, Spanish or English). However, you may use a tricky technique to bypass this frustration. My proje...
 / Various
Published on 05/17/2014
Downloaded 244 time(s)
This is a library wrapper for ZeroMQ. Can be used with WINDEV and WEBDEV version 17 and up. For more information on ZeroMQ you can see here: http://zeromq.org/ The library is included and compiled ...
 / Tools
Updated on 05/02/2014
Downloaded 191 time(s)
Text and files encryption using the DES / 3DES (Triple DES) protocol EZDES has been developed in order to bring a solution for security needs, when protecting sensitive data is mandatory either on s...