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 / Tools
Updated on 08/27/2018
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Example - Google Maps Heat Map Layer? A heat map layer is a view that demonstrates the strength of the data in geographic locations. When the heat map layer is activated, a colored overlay is display...
 / Tools
Published on 03/15/2018
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WsGmail - WSSendmail to WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile LINK DE ACESSO http://wxmagazine.pcscloud.net/WSGMAIL_WEB/awws/index.htm WSDL http://wxmagazine.pcscloud.net/WSGMAIL_WEB/awws/WsGmail.awws?wsdl...
Published on 01/17/2013
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NextAge's Browse Form Manager Class was created to provide some advanced interfaces in my applications, without having to include a lot of code to manage the interface in each window. Let me start by ...
Published on 10/17/2016
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FishTank (animated Spinner) The purpose of this demo project is to use the transparent composited mode directly inside of a WinVev window. This is made possible with GDImage calling DWM to render all...
Exemplo GED Trabalahando com Digitalização de Documentos com Scanner e WINDEV 23 Material complementar da apresentação do sr Jerome Aerts sobre GED https://www.youtube.com/embed/GUGcipXOEhc?rel=0&au...
 / Productivity
Published on 02/15/2012
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We provide for free (under conditions) a DLL which is WinDev compatible for integrating CCV Payment Terminals to till applications or other applications. For more information please visit our website...
 / Tools
Published on 03/08/2018
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  https://youtu.be/mkoF90nBwHg Live from WxDevCon 2014 Jeff Graham presents "Biometrics in WINDEV" Jeff shares his journey in getting Biometrics to work in his application - DYI, Third Party, or his...
Published on 05/11/2012
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This sample project shows how to use the 'Windows Calendar Picker' in different formats (1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 4x3) in order to select a date instead of using the default WD date picker. The sampl...
WINDEV Mobile application example with uploading of images and files via ftp using MSIIS. Exemplo de aplicativo WINDEV Mobile com recursos de envio de imagens e arquivos via ftp usando o MSIIS. VIDE...
Published on 11/18/2016
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This application is a tribute to the fantastic work of George Redhawk who began to lose his sight while studying medicine. After only four years he was forced to give up his trade as he was suffering...