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At the request of Fred2355, here is a project that allows you to adjust the overall audio volume of a PC. The project is WD17+ compatible, IT MUST BE COMPILED IN 64-BIT MODE It uses GVolume.dll, who...
Updated on 03/22/2022
Downloaded 50 time(s)
This project allows you to record a video capture by selecting a target window. The target can be on the primary screen or on a secondary display. Sound can be recorded simultaneously by selecting "mi...
Updated on 09/06/2021
Downloaded 263 time(s)
This is an update of a WD16 project originaly written in 32-bit. This one is fully 64-bit and relies on the GDImage64 advanced 3D OpenGL features, to work directly with the GPU. This project require...
Published on 11/18/2016
Downloaded 409 time(s)
9 different examples that will take your breath away! (use of animated .png files with GDImage).
 / Graphics
Updated on 05/18/2020
Downloaded 331 time(s)
FFcapture version 2.6 can convert any video to HTML5 compatible ".webM" format. This format is optimized to allow streaming. The very important compression factor preserves the quality of the images ...
Published on 09/20/2021
Downloaded 69 time(s)
This 64-bit WD17+ project allows you to draw an audio waveform like in Audacity. Use : Drag & drop an audio file in mp3, ogg, wav format. Or click on the Play button to use the default music. The "C...
 / Music & Audio
Published on 12/16/2021
Downloaded 109 time(s)
The coloring functions of WINDEV are based on the encapsulation of the ExtFoodFill (dFill) and GetPixel (dPixelColor) APIs that use 24-bit RGB colors that do not support the alpha channel, so it is no...
 / Graphics
Updated on 01/11/2022
Downloaded 26 time(s)
GDImage application (WD17+) allowing to create posters mixing texts and illustrations. If you wish to acquire the source code with the corresponding GDImage license, or for any other question, please...
 / Graphics
Updated on 01/21/2021
Downloaded 164 time(s)
The "head-up vision" consists in superimposing information necessary for the piloting, the navigation or the realization of a mission, in permanent connection with the external environment. The pilot ...
 / Entertainment
Published on 09/18/2019
Downloaded 316 time(s)
WD17 project based on GDImage 7.00 64-bit. Its purpose is to display large architecture or road map images, to be illustrated with icon markers, like in "Google map". Four distinct GDImage controls ...
 / Productivity
Updated on 04/08/2020
Downloaded 554 time(s)