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Here is the new WD25 version of the WebView2 chromium browser. Before you can test this project, you must first install "Microsoft Edge Canary" https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/fr-fr/download Un...
 / Productivity
Updated on 03/28/2021
Downloaded 265 time(s)
This is a GDImage / WD17 project, the original version was written in 2007... The initial purpose of this program is to convert any picture or photography to a postcard, that can be printed or sent a...
 / Graphics
Published on 08/31/2018
Downloaded 286 time(s)
This project shows you how to import Alias|Wavefront OBJ and MTL files into a GDImage/OpenGL application. The OBJ file format is one of the most widely supported 3D file formats. All of the most popu...
Published on 08/07/2012
Downloaded 680 time(s)
This is the 64-bit version of a 10 years old project written in 32-bit. It is build upon GDImage version 7.00. It illustrates the possibility of creating visual components that can be interfaced with...
Published on 10/11/2019
Downloaded 226 time(s)
This 64-bit WD17 project transforms any 2D image into a 3D particle cloud. The particle cloud is composed of 131072 points that can be animated in real time. You can choose one of the images whose na...
 / Graphics
Published on 09/21/2019
Downloaded 105 time(s)
"WD Collection" is a demo based on the use of the 64-bit GDImage graphic library. It is also a small anthology of the best photos of commercial brochures. This project has no WINDEV window because i...
 / Entertainment
Published on 09/22/2019
Downloaded 166 time(s)
Example on how to use CapAudio64.dll with any WD17-WD26 version. While it could be used to record from the microphone, the best quality is achieved when using a multiplex audio card and recording fro...
 / Music & Audio
Published on 06/08/2021
Downloaded 23 time(s)
GoldFish64 is the 64-bit version of a code originally written in 2008, it works with all the versions of WINDEV from WD17 +. It directly uses GDIPLUS to display a "layered" animation with variable opa...
 / Graphics
Published on 06/13/2021
Downloaded 20 time(s)
This project originally written in WD12 with GDImage 5.07, shows how to perform a "cube field" control with GDImage 7.00 in 64-bit mode Main Features: 1 - Unlike the WINDEV decor Cube control, no ne...
 / Graphics
Updated on 06/18/2021
Downloaded 38 time(s)
On the border between Ethiopia-Sudan-Kenya, on the banks of the OMO river, live artists who use their naked bodies as a canvas on which they paint with their fingers ephemeral works of incredible beau...
 / Entertainment
Published on 06/22/2021
Downloaded 21 time(s)