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PROTEÇÃO DE DIREITO AUTORAL Explicando o funcionamento: O dono do projeto feito com WINDEV, WEBDEV e WINDEV Mobile define no primeiro cadastro os dados do projeto, após cadastra todos os sócios e su...
Published on 03/07/2020
Downloaded 50 time(s)
Signing file using Chilkat dll. The Certificate must be in the Windows Certificate (use Bit4id to do this) The Chilkat have a dependency and yuo must install Visual Studio 2017 redistributable in th...
 / Various
Updated on 08/09/2016
Downloaded 658 time(s)
SpoolPrinter component, lets you manage the print spool to the desired printer. It also offers you the possibility to add new printer, or to delete. You can also to know the default printer, or set, o...
Updated on 01/17/2013
Downloaded 287 time(s)
NextAge's Default Manager Class was created to provide a uniform method of storing and retrieving default settings. There are four levels of default storage; Registry, User Global, Window Global and U...
Published on 12/30/2012
Downloaded 692 time(s)
NextAge's Balloon Tip Class was created to provide balloon tip popups. It is based very loosely on the BalloonTip component example provided with WINDEV, however it has been stripped down to only the ...
 / Productivity
Updated on 05/17/2020
Downloaded 269 time(s)
ChangeDate is a utility to change the date and / or time of a set of files Several options for editing or copying dates are available (google trad)
 / Tools
Published on 07/02/2019
Downloaded 107 time(s)
MINI SAAS EXAMPLE Software como serviço, do inglês Software as a service (SaaS), é uma forma de distribuição e comercialização de software. No modelo SaaS, o fornecedor do software se responsabiliza ...
 / Tools
Published on 01/15/2013
Downloaded 315 time(s)
Utility for users WMSG. It can merge all different extractions language in a single file HyperFile This utility allows you to merge files will especially if you use new tools such as integrated Google...
 / Entertainment
Published on 04/13/2020
Downloaded 26 time(s)
To change your mind in these times of confinement... Author Martijn Steinrucken aka BigWings - 2017 This model is intended to be used with the OR17 project that i able to manipulate in real time com...
 / Tools
Published on 05/30/2019
Downloaded 94 time(s)
Exemplo de Webservice SOAP