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 / Tools
Published on 07/25/2011
Downloaded 903 time(s)
Here is a window showing how to manage the window focus (gain or loss) under Windows (tested on XP and Win 7) Normaly the events Gain or Loss of focus are not fired when interact with other apps. Wi...
Updated on 03/28/2011
Downloaded 71,965 time(s)
This is the master project of the WinDev AR.Drone internal component. Source code and example are included in this archive. Archive contains all needed elements to create your own games or leisure ap...
Updated on 02/22/2011
Downloaded 1,610 time(s)
This resource contains a set of procedures, “pWIFIManagement”, used to list the WiFi networks accessible from an Android device. Access to the list of WiFi networks is done through the Android SDK us...
 / Tools
Published on 06/09/2011
Downloaded 912 time(s)
Sample Twitter Application, with full source code... For WinDev 14 and up. Just change the ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret on the Project Code.
Published on 12/30/2012
Downloaded 723 time(s)
NextAge's Balloon Tip Class was created to provide balloon tip popups. It is based very loosely on the BalloonTip component example provided with WINDEV, however it has been stripped down to only the ...
 / Productivity
Updated on 03/04/2011
Downloaded 3,426 time(s)
That's my program that manages and translation of texts extracts of programs. It is fully compatible, tested with windev, webdev, not windev mobile, if someone can test:). Not yet manage dictionaries...
Published on 05/23/2011
Downloaded 552 time(s)
Just an example, (always in for improvements...) I don't think the icons are in the template, so these have to be replaced
 / Productivity
Published on 02/15/2012
Downloaded 406 time(s)
We provide for free (under conditions) a DLL which is WinDev compatible for integrating CCV Payment Terminals to till applications or other applications. For more information please visit our website...
 / Tools
Updated on 09/09/2019
Downloaded 276 time(s)
Se já estiver instalado o Oledb 32 e quer usar o WINDEV 64 É importante entrar no Painel de Controle e remover o OleDb 32 e instalar o OleDb 64 Fechar o WINDEV e abrir ele novamente. Abrir novamente o...
 / Communication
Updated on 05/27/2014
Downloaded 520 time(s)
Until WEBDEV 17 was released, WEBDEV PHP only worked with ISO-8859-1 based languages (such as French, Spanish or English). However, you may use a tricky technique to bypass this frustration. My proje...