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 / Tools
Updated on 09/09/2019
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Se já estiver instalado o Oledb 32 e quer usar o WINDEV 64 É importante entrar no Painel de Controle e remover o OleDb 32 e instalar o OleDb 64 Fechar o WINDEV e abrir ele novamente. Abrir novamente o...
 / Communication
Updated on 05/27/2014
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Until WEBDEV 17 was released, WEBDEV PHP only worked with ISO-8859-1 based languages (such as French, Spanish or English). However, you may use a tricky technique to bypass this frustration. My proje...
Published on 10/16/2019
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DLLs Runtime para o HFSQL versão 24 Arquivos existentes no arquivo zipado: wd240com64.dll; wd240obj64.dll; wd240grf64.dll; wd240vm64.dll; wd240mdl64.dll Esses arquivos devem ser copiados onde es...
 / Tools
Published on 04/07/2014
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FITdoc (www.FITdoc.be) Document management, as it should be! Did you ever try to calculate how many document are used in your company? Do you have any idea of the time (and costs) it takes to get tho...
 / Tools
Published on 05/21/2011
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Implement Comet (Gmail-like chats) on your WebDev applications easily... Ok, so this is very experimental, but it's working. On the EXE directory you must run the webtalk.exe file BEFORE running you...
Published on 05/04/2011
Downloaded 817 time(s)
Create JSON easily from (almost) any arbitrary variable/object/data source... (only WebDev 16) Sample usage for a direct StringDisplay: MyObject is MyClass RSRenderer.RenderObject(MyObject) Data is...
 / Various
Published on 04/02/2011
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EZSMS permet d'envoyer facilement des TEXTOS / SMS uniques ou en lots via les services de SMSMODE.COM ou de SMSBOX.FR depuis une application qui intègre ce composant, en gérant les erreurs possibles. ...
 / Tools
Published on 01/15/2013
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Utility for users WMSG. It can merge all different extractions language in a single file HyperFile This utility allows you to merge files will especially if you use new tools such as integrated Google...
 / Entertainment
Published on 04/13/2020
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To change your mind in these times of confinement... Author Martijn Steinrucken aka BigWings - 2017 This model is intended to be used with the OR17 project that i able to manipulate in real time com...
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Published on 05/30/2019
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Exemplo de Webservice SOAP