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GLpixel is an OpenGL (WD17+) application to demonstrate the use of a few 3D functions build-in into the GDImage graphic library. Use the left mouse button to rotate the scene. Use the right mouse butt...
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Published on 01/25/2017
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zTrace is based on the same principle as the TRACE function of WINDEV. Asynchronous operation allows you to continue to manipulate the trace window even when using breakpoints. The DLL is written in...
Published on 05/24/2020
Downloaded 51 time(s)
At the request of a user, here is the 32-bit version, WD17-WD25 compatible. Note: you must install MicrosoftEdgeSetupCanary beforehand. This project allows you to integrate directly into a WINDEV app...
Published on 06/06/2020
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In response to a question from Cristophe PRADEL Here is how to create a window with the CreateWindowEx API directly from the project code, without going through the GUI editor of WINDEV. This code onl...
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Published on 06/10/2020
Downloaded 166 time(s)