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This is a GDImage / WD17 project, the original version was written in 2007... The initial purpose of this program is to convert any picture or photography to a postcard, that can be printed or sent a...
 / Graphics
Published on 08/31/2018
Downloaded 247 time(s)
Almost 10 years ago the "DreamScene" concept was first made available in VISTA Pro to allows videos and .gif and other optimized animations to be used as desktop wallpapers. This project written firs...
Published on 12/04/2016
Downloaded 223 time(s)
This is the 64-bit version of a 10 years old project written in 32-bit. It is build upon GDImage version 7.00. It illustrates the possibility of creating visual components that can be interfaced with...
Published on 10/11/2019
Downloaded 196 time(s)
TUTOR 1 to 6 (New window TUTOR 06) This project uses 5 windows to illustrate step by step the use of GDImage in a WINDEV application. The code is compatible WD17+, but indeed GDImage64.dll works with...
 / Graphics
Updated on 04/08/2020
Downloaded 190 time(s)
The "head-up vision" consists in superimposing information necessary for the piloting, the navigation or the realization of a mission, in permanent connection with the external environment. The pilot ...
 / Entertainment
Published on 09/18/2019
Downloaded 188 time(s)
This project shows you how to read an image stored in a Stream buffer, and display it Inside of a GDImage graphic control. Here is the code to load a Stream from the application's "EXE\images" subfol...
Published on 11/16/2016
Downloaded 170 time(s)
"WD Collection" is a demo based on the use of the 64-bit GDImage graphic library. It is also a small anthology of the best photos of commercial brochures. This project has no WINDEV window because i...
 / Entertainment
Published on 09/22/2019
Downloaded 145 time(s)
This is a 64-bit project to display a small popup widget CPU meter. The widget itself is written with GDImage to work in composited mode, and use visual color intensity ranging from dark to red to mat...
 / Various
Published on 03/31/2020
Downloaded 127 time(s)
9 different examples that will take your breath away! (use of animated .png files with GDImage).
 / Graphics
Updated on 05/18/2020
Downloaded 111 time(s)
In response to a question from Cristophe PRADEL Here is how to create a window with the CreateWindowEx API directly from the project code, without going through the GUI editor of WINDEV. This code onl...
 / Various
Published on 06/10/2020
Downloaded 102 time(s)