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 / Various
Published on 03/31/2020
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This is a 64-bit project to display a small popup widget CPU meter. The widget itself is written with GDImage to work in composited mode, and use visual color intensity ranging from dark to red to mat...
Desenvolvimento segmentado com wdl e como usar o query & reports do WINDEV - ADRIANO BOLLER 1 – Criar o RAD Patern Criar o sty arquivos estilo = 100% (C:\WINDEV 24\Personal\SkinTemplates\WD) Criar o...
Published on 01/17/2013
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NextAge's Browse Form Manager Class was created to provide some advanced interfaces in my applications, without having to include a lot of code to manage the interface in each window. Let me start by ...
 / Tools
Published on 03/15/2018
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WsGmail - WSSendmail to WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile LINK DE ACESSO http://wxmagazine.pcscloud.net/WSGMAIL_WEB/awws/index.htm WSDL http://wxmagazine.pcscloud.net/WSGMAIL_WEB/awws/WsGmail.awws?wsdl...
 / Education
Published on 09/08/2020
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Lesson 1.3. My first pages This lesson will teach you the following concepts Creating a form page. Saving data. Checking inputs. Simple search in a database. ==========================================...
Published on 05/02/2019
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Estou vendendo o source code da minha Suite de Gestão de Clubes de Futeball interessados mandem email sff. Obrigado
Published on 03/14/2021
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How to Create and Manipulate a Structure - WEBDEV_Estrutura ----- How to Create and Manipulate a Structure Let's create a button Let's create a table by programming with 2 columns Let's create a varia...
LESSON 5.3 GROUPWARE - finished LIÇÃO 5.3 GROUPWARE - Final Lesson 5.2. Printing an invoice - finished Faturado Finalizado Ate Licao 5.1 Lesson 4.3. Creating pages in AWP mode Last class 21 09 2020 A...
 / Graphics
Published on 07/01/2016
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The "BassBox Radio" project is using BASS.DLL and GDImage.DLL altogether. It is based on the Audio Player "BassBox" that was created in 2007. Main features: >> "Net radio" player, offering a list ...
 / Tools
Updated on 05/16/2020
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Aula 01 Referente ao vídeo Caminho das Pedras