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 / Tools
Updated on 09/14/2021
Downloaded 485 time(s)
LIBPQ.DLL FREE - Biblioteca LIB do PostgreSQL DOWNLOAD OFICIAL DO POSTGRESQL https://www.enterprisedb.com/download-postgresql-binaries Anexo arquivo zipado da DLL suplementar DRIVER NATIVO https...
Updated on 09/06/2021
Downloaded 122 time(s)
This project allows you to record a video capture by selecting a target window. The target can be on the primary screen or on a secondary display. Sound can be recorded simultaneously by selecting "mi...
 / Various
Updated on 05/03/2021
Downloaded 151 time(s)
1 year calendar over 12 months + the weeks of the month. 4 versions of a year calendar and all the weeks of the year. Demo program with call and return of popups. The 3rd year / week calendar uses a t...
 / Tools
Published on 07/27/2019
Downloaded 157 time(s)
DRIVER NATIVO MARIADB + LIBMARIADB.DLL https://package.WINDEV.com/pack/addons/an/mariadb/WX240PACKMARIADB029d.exe O servidor Serverwx tem no seu WAS instalado os drivers do Mariadb, Mysql, Postgre...
 / Tools
Published on 08/07/2019
Downloaded 505 time(s)
This WINDEV component will give you with tools to manipulate network interfaces and IP addresses. The compressed file contains the component, the manufacturer database, the list of available functions...
Published on 10/17/2016
Downloaded 426 time(s)
FishTank (animated Spinner) The purpose of this demo project is to use the transparent composited mode directly inside of a WinVev window. This is made possible with GDImage calling DWM to render all...
 / Tools
Updated on 03/05/2020
Downloaded 204 time(s)
Example of how to execute an ms-dos command from a .bat file without displaying the black screen of the command prompt and running the ms-dos program or script in the background. DIR Documentation ha...
Published on 11/18/2016
Downloaded 358 time(s)
This is an update of a WD16 project originaly written in 32-bit. This one is fully 64-bit and relies on the GDImage64 advanced 3D OpenGL features, to work directly with the GPU. This project require...
Published on 12/04/2016
Downloaded 238 time(s)
Almost 10 years ago the "DreamScene" concept was first made available in VISTA Pro to allows videos and .gif and other optimized animations to be used as desktop wallpapers. This project written firs...
 / Graphics
Updated on 05/18/2020
Downloaded 227 time(s)
9 different examples that will take your breath away! (use of animated .png files with GDImage).