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Updated on 03/25/2020
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The culmination of a project started over 8 years ago, the 64-bit DLL, OR64.dll, allows you to integrate advanced 3D visualization functions, based on the wawefront .OBJ format, within a WINDEV applic...
Exemplo de Organograma Hierarquico ou Pedigree / Example of Hierarchical Organization Chart or Pedigree
 / Music & Audio
Published on 02/08/2020
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This WD17 32-bit application allows you to play audio files online from a URL, or locally using the "drag and drop" from the Explorer. Supported audio formats are: mp3, ogg, wma, wav. Except the aud...
Rad Pattern Table With Form and Planes, with Indirection and Templates V 8.0 Classe Dados OOP Procedures Globais Template Window Tenplate controls RAD
Desenvolvimento segmentado com wdl e como usar o query & reports do WINDEV - ADRIANO BOLLER 1 – Criar o RAD Patern Criar o sty arquivos estilo = 100% (C:\WINDEV 24\Personal\SkinTemplates\WD) Criar o...
Exemplo de jogo de Xadrez feito com WINDEV pelo cliente Icaro da Cidade de Leme - Sp - Brasil Example of a Chess game made with WINDEV by the client Icaro of the City of Leme - Sp - Brazil Ejemplo d...
 / Tools
Published on 07/18/2019
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ORDER BY LIST, ARRAY, FILE AND MEM Data List Sorting by Modifying Element Order Very simple example of data list sorting If you do something different and want to publish in the repository or if yo...
Zebra program to generate the tags and then save as a prn for use by WINDEV code print prn PROCEDURE WD_Printer_PRN_Etiqueta(bIniNamePrinter is boolean, filename_to_print is string, verbose_mode is ...
Updated on 03/02/2020
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Essa internal window pode ser implementada no seu projeto com ela voce pode imprimir etiqueta por etiqueta ou todas de uma vez. Esse projeto pode ser melhorado conto com a sua colaboração! This in...
Integrar componentes externos da Web (assinatura, câmera, ...) em um site WEBDEV Intégrer des composants web externes (signature, caméra, ...) dans une site WEBDEV Integrate external web components...