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 / Tools
Updated on 09/05/2014
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This component allows to easily integrate and use the SmartCards ACOS3/3X/NFC with fingerprint management in your software (minimum WD14). • Choice of the reader (contact and/or NFC) • Connection / D...
 / Productivity
Updated on 08/09/2016
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Connect your projects to one or more databases, without worrying about programming to be done to achieve it. For databases HFSQL declared as primary connection, a user identification is mandatory (unl...
 / Finance
Updated on 02/10/2017
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v0.7 of the Open Source ERP developed in WD21 Now includes Parties, Products, Accounting, Purchases and Sales (only wholesales in this version) go to: www.alpha360.biz _or _ http://alpha360erp.blogspo...
 / Tools
Updated on 02/16/2018
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WINDEV Mobile design to print using Bluetooth Printer must support TSPL / TSPL2 The right also in Zebra printer with ZPL
Updated on 11/18/2014
Downloaded 1,196 time(s)
Hi, With this small project is possible to retrieve your PUBLIC IP (from parsing to http://www.ip-adress.com) and others infos: PUBLIC IP PRIVATE IP YOUR ISP IP LOCATION YOUR MAC ADDRESS INTERNE...
 / Graphics
Updated on 04/08/2018
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RenFiles is a very simple utility to rename a set of files. There are several reputable tools in this field and have many opportunities. However in most cases the requirements are very simple: - Se...
 / Tools
Published on 06/09/2011
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Sample Twitter Application, with full source code... For WinDev 14 and up. Just change the ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret on the Project Code.
Published on 01/17/2013
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The NextAge Open Source Application is meant as a “teaching” tool to provide sample code and a testing bed for all of NextAge’s open source classes and code. Along with using our Open Source classes, ...
 / Tools
Published on 07/25/2011
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Here is a window showing how to manage the window focus (gain or loss) under Windows (tested on XP and Win 7) Normaly the events Gain or Loss of focus are not fired when interact with other apps. Wi...
 / Tools
Published on 08/25/2016
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An Open Source ERP developed in WD21 [v0.1] Open Source WX alpha360 ERP is now live Go to www.alpha360.biz and tell us what you think about the project. Steven Sitas