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For those who have downloaded the "Splash Screen Plus" project which can be found here: https://depot.PC SOFT.fr/resource.awp?file_id=281474976710948;splash-screen-plus Here are 6 additional original...
 / Entertainment
Published on 06/13/2020
Downloaded 158 time(s)
In response to a question from Cristophe PRADEL Here is how to create a window with the CreateWindowEx API directly from the project code, without going through the GUI editor of WINDEV. This code onl...
 / Various
Published on 06/10/2020
Downloaded 156 time(s)
This is a 64-bit project to display a small popup widget CPU meter. The widget itself is written with GDImage to work in composited mode, and use visual color intensity ranging from dark to red to mat...
 / Various
Published on 03/31/2020
Downloaded 141 time(s)
This WD17 32-bit application allows you to play audio files online from a URL, or locally using the "drag and drop" from the Explorer. Supported audio formats are: mp3, ogg, wma, wav. Except the aud...
 / Music & Audio
Published on 02/08/2020
Downloaded 120 time(s)
The culmination of a project started over 8 years ago, the 64-bit DLL, OR64.dll, allows you to integrate advanced 3D visualization functions, based on the wawefront .OBJ format, within a WINDEV applic...
Updated on 03/25/2020
Downloaded 113 time(s)
WD25 version of the WD17 "Visual Plugin" project that I posted here a few days ago. This version takes advantage of the new features: - Modification of the size of WIN_Main - Displacement (WM_MOVE) o...
Published on 02/14/2020
Downloaded 103 time(s)
This 64-bit WD17 project transforms any 2D image into a 3D particle cloud. The particle cloud is composed of 131072 points that can be animated in real time. You can choose one of the images whose na...
 / Graphics
Published on 09/21/2019
Downloaded 102 time(s)
Layered animated composited splash screen, with display on demand.
 / Graphics
Published on 05/14/2020
Downloaded 92 time(s)
GDImage application (WD17+) allowing to create posters mixing texts and illustrations. If you wish to acquire the source code with the corresponding GDImage license, or for any other question, please...
 / Graphics
Updated on 01/21/2021
Downloaded 84 time(s)
At the request of a user, here is the 32-bit version, WD17-WD25 compatible. Note: you must install MicrosoftEdgeSetupCanary beforehand. This project allows you to integrate directly into a WINDEV app...
Published on 06/06/2020
Downloaded 78 time(s)