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This WINDEV component allows you to edit your web pages, thanks to TinyMCE in your WINDEV applications. It may be useful to have a back-office application in WINDEV to manage the content of your web p...
 / Productivity
Updated on 11/12/2018
Downloaded 614 time(s)
SpoolPrinter component, lets you manage the print spool to the desired printer. It also offers you the possibility to add new printer, or to delete. You can also to know the default printer, or set, o...
 / Various
Updated on 08/09/2016
Downloaded 627 time(s)
Connect your projects to one or more databases, without worrying about programming to be done to achieve it. For databases HFSQL declared as primary connection, a user identification is mandatory (unl...
 / Productivity
Updated on 08/09/2016
Downloaded 1,243 time(s)
Version 2.00Aa: Adding text search in the code. Added replacing text in the code. Adding comments insertion in the code. In the commercial version (http://www.dotnuts-development.com/en/products/compi...
 / Productivity
Updated on 08/09/2016
Downloaded 583 time(s)
This component gives you the ability to choose with which database your applications work. Automatically manages error handling of files and encrypt selected files. A login window is also available to...
 / Tools
Updated on 08/09/2016
Downloaded 1,691 time(s)