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This is an example of the use of Admob with: * GDPR compliance and consent request. * Banner * Interstitial Ad * Rewarded Ad This is an implementation based on the Admob for Android examples.
Published on 02/03/2021
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In many cases the title of Android windows is too long to be contained in a single line of text. Other times we would like to be able to have a title and subtitle that better describes the purpose of ...
Published on 01/13/2022
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Hello, I attach a basic example of the use of interstitial ads in WM28 for Android.
 / Productivity
Published on 08/23/2023
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Good morning. Currently WM does not support the new European GPRD for the use of ads in applications. I have indicated to PC SOFT the existing problem, and I continue waiting for their answer, so in ...
Published on 02/23/2019
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Hi. There are several important new developments by Google in the presentation of advertising to app users. a) Google has released a new version of its libraries for displaying ads in applications an...
 / Communication
Updated on 10/22/2022
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Description The example version for WM25 does not allow the use of adaptive banners as its maximum SDK is 29 and adaptive banners are only available from 30. This version only allows normal banners. ...
 / Communication
Published on 06/19/2021
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