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My Movies Videos is a family video library manager allowing multiple requests from the data that has been entered
Published by Soft Solution
in the category Tools
New features
New compilation by WD20 = new 3.0 version
Fixed a bug related to use platform that could return the error A2
The free online registration is possible again.

Free Software bilingual English / French

My Movies Videos can also be used on a professional level.
Seller expressed its customers movies it offers through a database.
The customer, through the database, can choose his films and follow his orders.


Managed movies supports are: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BLU-RAY and VOD.
The types of films are managed: the films in 2D and 3D movies.
The types are divided into 13 categories.

For each film before it is possible to specify:

A unique number dedicated to the film
Gender (among 13)
Short information
The release date
An indicator specifying that the film is recent (New!)
The region code of the film (as support)
The proposed audio languages ??in the film (from 40)
Language subtitles proposed in the film (from 40)
A specific code film awards
A picture of the poster
Annotations on the film and clickable links

One can also specify:

A marking on the control over films
A marking on the received movies
A marking on a selection of films (eg for a command)
It is also possible, according to various predefined queries in the software, list, print, and edit PDF files (with annotations in various forms) and even send them by mail via the mail handler if installed on the computer.
Finally, it is possible to save (export), restore (import) and even exchange databases between users of the same software.

64-Bit Free also be downloaded from the website www.SoftSolution.fr
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