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 / Productivity
Updated on 07/20/2020
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Hello, Here's a small project that allow to upload pictures and resize them in Javascript. It will avoid you to upload big pictures on the server. Explanations are in the code comments. It has bee...
 / Tools
Updated on 09/23/2020
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WINDEV Mobile X Hfsql Client/Server Aplicativo Exemplo WINDEV Mobile com Base Local e Sincronia com Base Server na Nuvem usando Hfsql Client/Server Saiba como é simples fazer a sincronia de dados lo...
 / Tools
Updated on 11/12/2018
Downloaded 793 time(s)
This WINDEV component allows you to edit your web pages, thanks to TinyMCE in your WINDEV applications. It may be useful to have a back-office application in WINDEV to manage the content of your web p...
 / Tools
Updated on 12/03/2020
Downloaded 19,978 time(s)
Outils_SQL is a software to connect and manage data across multiple databases (profiles) : Access, DB2/400, Excel, Firebird, HFSQL (with or without analysis), Informix, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, Postgre...
 / Tools
Updated on 11/23/2013
Downloaded 642 time(s)
Are you a group a people going together in vacation or for your job ? This software is a virtual wallet which allows you to know instantaneously what amount of money every member is due to the others ...
Linked resources: - WX Project (WD/WB/WM - V19) to download (.zip) - Presentation and explications to download (.pdf) - Live presentation and explication (streaming video showcasing the framework at ...
Updated on 01/17/2013
Downloaded 296 time(s)
NextAge's Default Manager Class was created to provide a uniform method of storing and retrieving default settings. There are four levels of default storage; Registry, User Global, Window Global and U...
 / Tools
Published on 07/25/2011
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Here is a window showing how to manage the window focus (gain or loss) under Windows (tested on XP and Win 7) Normaly the events Gain or Loss of focus are not fired when interact with other apps. Wi...
Updated on 03/28/2011
Downloaded 71,925 time(s)
This is the master project of the WinDev AR.Drone internal component. Source code and example are included in this archive. Archive contains all needed elements to create your own games or leisure ap...
Updated on 02/22/2011
Downloaded 1,594 time(s)
This resource contains a set of procedures, “pWIFIManagement”, used to list the WiFi networks accessible from an Android device. Access to the list of WiFi networks is done through the Android SDK us...