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Updated on 09/09/2019
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Se já estiver instalado o Oledb 32 e quer usar o WINDEV 64 É importante entrar no Painel de Controle e remover o OleDb 32 e instalar o OleDb 64 Fechar o WINDEV e abrir ele novamente. Abrir novamente o...
Published on 05/11/2012
Downloaded 401 time(s)
This sample project shows how to use the 'Windows Calendar Picker' in different formats (1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 4x3) in order to select a date instead of using the default WD date picker. The sampl...
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Updated on 03/05/2020
Downloaded 187 time(s)
Example of how to execute an ms-dos command from a .bat file without displaying the black screen of the command prompt and running the ms-dos program or script in the background. DIR Documentation ha...
Published on 11/18/2016
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This is an update of a WD16 project originaly written in 32-bit. This one is fully 64-bit and relies on the GDImage64 advanced 3D OpenGL features, to work directly with the GPU. This project require...
 / Graphics
Updated on 05/18/2020
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9 different examples that will take your breath away! (use of animated .png files with GDImage).
Published on 05/23/2011
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Just an example, (always in for improvements...) I don't think the icons are in the template, so these have to be replaced
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Published on 05/21/2011
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Implement Comet (Gmail-like chats) on your WebDev applications easily... Ok, so this is very experimental, but it's working. On the EXE directory you must run the webtalk.exe file BEFORE running you...
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Updated on 11/23/2013
Downloaded 657 time(s)
Are you a group a people going together in vacation or for your job ? This software is a virtual wallet which allows you to know instantaneously what amount of money every member is due to the others ...
 / Productivity
Updated on 07/20/2020
Downloaded 579 time(s)
Hello, Here's a small project that allow to upload pictures and resize them in Javascript. It will avoid you to upload big pictures on the server. Explanations are in the code comments. It has bee...
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Updated on 01/27/2021
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LIBPQ.DLL FREE - Biblioteca LIB do PostgreSQL DOWNLOAD OFICIAL DO POSTGRESQL https://www.enterprisedb.com/download-postgresql-binaries Anexo arquivo zipado da DLL suplementar DRIVER NATIVO https...