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Published on 12/30/2020
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acbr_dll_componente_amarildo_matos ------------ Ini Acbr Configuration Nfe Service Status Upload Xml Print ad Danfe Consultation register Cast Nfe Other commands ----------- Configuracao Ini Acbr Stat...
Published on 10/11/2019
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This is the 64-bit version of a 10 years old project written in 32-bit. It is build upon GDImage version 7.00. It illustrates the possibility of creating visual components that can be interfaced with...
Published on 06/05/2021
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https://youtu.be/Ms1N8ieqE3E https://windevdesenvolvimento.blogspot.com/2021/06/dicas-3347-WINDEV-WEBDEV-mobile-tabela.html This Video will premiere at 10:00 am on 06/10/2021 I'll teach you how to mak...
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Updated on 08/27/2018
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Good afternoon .. I want to make a contribution to the community with an example filter between dates directly from the table. As you well know filtering data from the table itself is much faster than...
 / Entertainment
Published on 05/22/2020
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This is the transposition into WL of a demo posted in 2014 on the codeproject site https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/763207/T-Rex-animation The principle is the same as that used for the SplashScr...
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Updated on 08/09/2016
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This component gives you the ability to choose with which database your applications work. Automatically manages error handling of files and encrypt selected files. A login window is also available to...
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Updated on 09/25/2019
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Microservice or Windows Service Example Nos sistemas operacionais Windows NT, um serviço do Windows é um programa de computador que opera em plano de fundo.É similar, em conceito, a um daemon do Unix...
Published on 06/06/2021
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Dossier de fichiers de copie zip - WINDEV - amarildo https://windevdesenvolvimento.blogspot.com/2021/06/dicas-3348-WINDEV-WEBDEV-mobile-WINDEV.html https://youtu.be/495RvqL4j20 This Video will premie...
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Published on 01/14/2021
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Exemplo de consumo de Webservice SOAP que nao tem Response e Request Segue abaixo codigo exemplo //Aqui define o layout do XML a ser enviado pelo POST sXDoc is string = [ <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:so...
 / Various
Published on 01/25/2017
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GLpixel is an OpenGL (WD17+) application to demonstrate the use of a few 3D functions build-in into the GDImage graphic library. Use the left mouse button to rotate the scene. Use the right mouse butt...