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Exemplo para Consultório Odontológico feito com WINDEV Example for Dental Office made with WINDEV Exemple pour cabinet dentaire réalisé avec WINDEV Ejemplo para consultorio dental hecho con WINDEV ...
 / Graphics
Published on 07/01/2016
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The "BassBox Radio" project is using BASS.DLL and GDImage.DLL altogether. It is based on the Audio Player "BassBox" that was created in 2007. Main features: >> "Net radio" player, offering a list ...
With this example it is possible to scan with resolutions higher than 92, being able to save with the maximum resolution of the scanner, scanning in high resolution. Now anyone who has Electronic Docu...
Published on 05/04/2011
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Create JSON easily from (almost) any arbitrary variable/object/data source... (only WebDev 16) Sample usage for a direct StringDisplay: MyObject is MyClass RSRenderer.RenderObject(MyObject) Data is...
 / Tools
Updated on 11/12/2018
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This WINDEV component allows you to edit your web pages, thanks to TinyMCE in your WINDEV applications. It may be useful to have a back-office application in WINDEV to manage the content of your web p...
 / Productivity
Published on 12/12/2014
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Classe Facebook
 / Entertainment
Published on 12/14/2013
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This contains several classes to make working with JSON files much easier. I have not used this exact package but a previous one Hilario sent me. He sent this update later. Save, unzip and import i...
Controle de Pacientes - WEBDEV (webservice) + WINDEV Mobile (app) - Patient Control - WEBDEV (webservice) + WINDEV Mobile (app)
 / Entertainment
Published on 10/03/2016
Downloaded 729 time(s)
v0.3 of the Open Source ERP developed in WD21 Now includes Parties and Products and the FULL UI and Access code Go to www.alpha360.biz and find more info about the project Steven Sitas
Published on 12/30/2012
Downloaded 723 time(s)
NextAge's Balloon Tip Class was created to provide balloon tip popups. It is based very loosely on the BalloonTip component example provided with WINDEV, however it has been stripped down to only the ...