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 / Finance
Published on 09/19/2017
Downloaded 40 time(s)
v1.1 of the Open Source ERP developed in WD21 Includes * the FULL alpha360 Open Source Data Models - now has also Hotel Data Models. * Business Processes and the User Interface for: Parties (Custom...
 / Tools
Updated on 09/09/2017
Downloaded 13,556 time(s)
Outils_SQL is a software to connect and manage data across multiple databases (profiles) : Access, DB2/400, Excel, HFSQL (with or without analysis), Informix, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL S...
 / Productivity
Updated on 08/29/2017
Downloaded 280 time(s)
This WINDEV component allows you to edit your web pages, thanks to TinyMCE in your WINDEV applications. It may be useful to have a back-office application in WINDEV to manage the content of your web p...
 / Finance
Published on 08/16/2017
Downloaded 80 time(s)
The alpha360 Data Models are complete database models - tables, constraints and relations - used to develop a wide range of complete Business Applications - from ERPs to B2B systems. Included here is ...
 / Tools
Published on 06/21/2017
Downloaded 43 time(s)
We all know that WINDEV is not very good at handling memory when processing huge data sets. It crashes with the typical error: '' item name with memory intensive processes (tens of GB of data). To g...
 / Finance
Updated on 02/10/2017
Downloaded 718 time(s)
v0.7 of the Open Source ERP developed in WD21 Now includes Parties, Products, Accounting, Purchases and Sales (only wholesales in this version) go to: www.alpha360.biz _or _ http://alpha360erp.blogspo...
 / Graphics
Published on 01/25/2017
Downloaded 96 time(s)
GLpixel is an OpenGL (WD17+) application to demonstrate the use of a few 3D functions build-in into the GDImage graphic library. Use the left mouse button to rotate the scene. Use the right mouse butt...
 / Music & Audio
Published on 12/04/2016
Downloaded 117 time(s)
Almost 10 years ago the "DreamScene" concept was first made available in VISTA Pro to allows videos and .gif and other optimized animations to be used as desktop wallpapers. This project written firs...
 / Tools
Updated on 11/24/2016
Downloaded 154 time(s)
The purpose of this application is to monitor extra disk activity, based on the notifications sent by the Windows file system or Shell. This utility is using only the core API to keep the size of the...
Published on 11/18/2016
Downloaded 187 time(s)
This is an update of a WD16 project originaly written in 32-bit. This one is fully 64-bit and relies on the GDImage64 advanced 3D OpenGL features, to work directly with the GPU. This project require...