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 / Tools
Updated on 03/25/2016
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Outils_SQL is a software to connect and manage data across multiple databases (profiles) : Access, DB2/400, Excel, HFSQL (with or without analysis), Informix, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL S...
 / Tools
Published on 02/18/2016
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MVA 1.0™is a free software that calculates mechanical vibrations of turbine engine e.g jet engine according to Runge Kutta 4th and 5th order theory. This is used to predict when would fatal flatter af...
 / Tools
Updated on 02/13/2016
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This is the next generation of software copy protection offering to protect your exe and all other associated dll, database or multimedia files using 9 strong algorithms in three different protection ...
 / Productivity
Published on 02/03/2016
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The imobnet.net is an information portal in the real estate sector which aims primarily at promoting and managing property in a single network where the national and international markets are intercon...
 / Productivity
Updated on 01/22/2016
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Connect your projects to one or more databases, without worrying about programming to be done to achieve it. For databases HFSQL declared as primary connection, a user identification is mandatory (unl...
 / Education
Published on 01/06/2016
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   The best way to learn to use a Visual development tool is to see step by step how things are done (you will have over 1.400 screenshots to see how to do, step by step (no hurry)) • This book is ba...
 / Productivity
Updated on 12/12/2015
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RenFiles is a very simple utility to rename a set of files. There are several reputable tools in this field and have many opportunities. However in most cases the requirements are very simple: - Se...
 / Finance
Published on 08/03/2015
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We are looking for a distributor of our Wealthmanagement Software 'VisualAdvise' in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and/or Spain written in WINDEV. It has unmatched functionality at a competitive price! T...
 / Communication
Updated on 05/07/2015
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This component gives you the ability to choose with which database your applications work. Automatically manages error handling of files and encrypt selected files. A login window is also available to...
 / Productivity
Updated on 03/18/2015
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Version 2.00Aa: Adding text search in the code. Added replacing text in the code. Adding comments insertion in the code. In the commercial version (http://www.dotnuts-development.com/en/products/compi...