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Updated on 04/18/2014
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RenFiles is a very simple utility to rename a set of files. There are several reputable tools in this field and have many opportunities. However in most cases the requirements are very simple: - Se...
Updated on 04/13/2014
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A software to connect and manage data across multiple databases (profiles) : MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, DB2/400, HyperFile (with or without analysis), Oracle. Many tools like : export text...
Sur, vous pouvez vous abonner à un service qui vous délivrera en ligne jusqu'à 2000 étiquettes énergie et/ou étiquettes climat DPE en 2 ans au tarif de 30€ HT. Simulation ...
Published on 04/07/2014
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FITdoc ( Document management, as it should be! Did you ever try to calculate how many document are used in your company? Do you have any idea of the time (and costs) it takes to get tho...
Updated on 04/03/2014
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il sagit d'un archive WINDEV contenant - un composant WINDEV , - une bibliothèque WINDEV permettant de transformer un nombre ou un chiffrre en lettre. Il est utile pour les factures où il faut affic...
Updated on 03/30/2014
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Current version 1.00Ab : This component will allow you to edit, compile, and test your external codes in WLanguage. But also open files batch-type (bat, cmd) and tested by viewing the result in a com...
Sur, vous pouvez vous abonner à un service qui vous délivrera en ligne jusqu'à 2000 QR-Codes design en 2 ans au tarif de 30€ HT. Simulation gratuite et démonstration sur ...
Updated on 03/16/2014
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Current version : 1.00Ak This component gives you the ability to choose with which database your applications work. Automatically manages error handling of files and encrypt selected files. A login wi...
Updated on 03/05/2014
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SpoolPrinter component, lets you manage the print spool to the desired printer. It also offers you the possibility to add new printer, or to delete. You can also to know the default printer, or set, o...
Published on 02/28/2014
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Un tout petit projet , à améliorer suite message forum sur l'application de filtre.