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Published on 11/23/2014
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Produces a cross reference of the fields in an analysis with a list of all fields, the field information, the files the fields are used in and the files the fields are not used in
Updated on 11/19/2014
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Ce logiciel permet d'envoyer et de recevoir des SMS en mode PDU avec une clé 3G .
Hi, With this small project is possible to retrieve your PUBLIC IP (from parsing to and others infos: PUBLIC IP PRIVATE IP YOUR ISP IP LOCATION YOUR MAC ADDRESS INTERNE...
Updated on 11/15/2014
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ImageRendering Est, un service Windows s'adressant aux sociétés qui ont besoins d'effectuer des modifications en automatique sur des photos d'un catalogue produit par exemple. Le principe est simple....
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Updated on 11/13/2014
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A software to connect and manage data across multiple databases (profiles) : Access, DB2/400, Excel, HyperFile (with or without analysis), Informix, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite ... M...
Updated on 10/31/2014
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Intégrer un menu vertical JQuery animé et programmer les options d'un menu directement en WLangage dans une page WEBDEV, c'est que je vous propose ici. Le projet en téléchargement sur le site de dépo...
Linked resources: - WX Project (WD/WB/WM - V19) to download (.zip) - Presentation and explications to download (.pdf) - Live presentation and explication (streaming video showcasing the framework at ...
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Updated on 10/23/2014
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Composant permettant de paramétrer facilement une redirection de port UPnP sur une Box Internet ou éventuellement un routeur depuis vos applications avec une gestion possible de fermeture des ports ou...
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Published on 10/17/2014
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I took the deposit which had been written by Cyril M and updated by adding function as writing on the cards. developed version 18 I purposely let the raw code with test phases in comments. Do not hesi...
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Updated on 09/30/2014
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We are looking for a distributor in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Spain for our Insurance Brokerage Software written in WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile. The software has been instal...